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  Schedule a presentation on my new book, The Best of The Humanist: Humanist Philosophy 1928 – 1973, now!


Read Prof. Bob Tapp's review in The Humanist.


Read praise for the book.


  Check out my latest article, “The Reliability of Reason: What the Skeptics Point Out,” in the journal, Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism.


  Angry about Trump’s latest appointment to the Supreme Court? Read my analysis, “Striking Imbalance: The Conservative Long Game for the Courts


  Who Was Humanist Alain Locke? Find out in my “Humanist Profile: Alain Locke,” published recently in The Humanist.


  Have a look at my review published in The Humanist magazine of the book, The Goodness Paradox: The Strange Relationship Between Virtue and Violence in Human Evolution by Richard Wrangham.












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