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Some Publications:


The Best of The Humanist: Humanist Philosophy 1928 – 1973, Humanist Press, 2018; 436 pp. Editor and contributor.


Available as an ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback on Amazon.


Read praise for the book.


“The Reliability of Reason: What the Skeptics Point Out,” Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, 27, Dec. 2019. pp. 125–48.


“Humanist Profile: Alain LockeThe Humanist 79:6, Nov/Dec 2019. p. 2.


“Can American capitalism survive?” Book review, The Humanist 79:3, May/June 2019. pp. 46-47.


“White Privilege and Humanist LeadershipThe Humanist 78:4, July/Aug 2018. p. 18 et seq.


“Cigarettes and Wine,” Book review, The Humanist 77:6, Nov/Dec 2017. p. 44 et seq.


“Ask What You Can Do for Your ClimateThe Humanist 77:3, May/June 2017. p. 25 et seq.


“Humanism and Public Policy in Germany: The Point Is to Change the World: Interview with Frieder Otto WolfEssays in the Philosophy of Humanism 24:2, Dec 2016. pp. 177-86.


“Concrete Economics: The Hamilton Approach to Economic Growth and Policy, by Stephen S. Cohen and J. Bradford DeLong,” Book review, The Humanist 76:5, Sept/Oct 2016. p. 40 et seq.


“The Power of Humanist Organizing in Germany: An Interview with Frieder Otto WolfThe Humanist 76:5, Sept/Oct 2016. p. 26 et seq.


“On Deriving Humanist Morals and Ethics: Death and Dying,” The Human Prospect: A Neo-Humanist Perspective 5:1, Autumn 2015. pp. 59-63.


“Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression, by Hector A. Garcia,” Book review, The Humanist 75:4, July/Aug 2015. pp. 44-45.


“Humanist Values and Reducing Net Carbon Dioxide Emissions From the Energy Supply,” The Human Prospect: A Neo-Humanist Perspective 4:2, Winter 2014. pp. 22-35.


“And Justice for NonesThe Humanist 74:5, Sept/Oct 2014. p. 46 et seq.


“Men’s Ethics of Contemporary Gender Equality,” The Human Prospect: A Neo-Humanist Perspective 4:1, Summer 2014. pp. 25-41.


“Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict, by Ara Norenzayan,” Book review, The Humanist 74:4, July/Aug 2014. p. 46 et seq.


“Religion Without God, by Ronald Dworkin,” Book review, The Humanist 74:1, Jan/Feb 2014. p. et seq.


“Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism, by Alvin Plantinga,” Book review, The Humanist 73:4, July/Aug 2013. p.  et seq.


“Divorce HypocrisyThe Humanist 72:1, Jan/Feb 2012. p. 10 et seq.





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